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# EvoBSD 6.7.2
# EvoBSD 6.8.0
EvoBSD is an ansible project used for customising OpenBSD hosts
used by Evolix.
@ -17,16 +17,16 @@ ansible-playbook prerequisite.yml -CDi hosts -l HOSTNAME
2. Run it
First use (become_method: su, and var_files uncommented) :
First use (become_method: su) :
ansible-playbook evolixisation.yml --ask-vault-pass -CDki hosts -l HOSTNAME -u root
ansible-playbook evolixisation.yml --ask-vault-pass -CDki hosts -u root -l HOSTNAME
Subsequent use (become_method: sudo) :
ansible-playbook evolixisation.yml --ask-vault-pass -CDKi hosts -l HOSTNAME
ansible-playbook evolixisation.yml --ask-vault-pass -CDKi hosts --skip-tags pf -l HOSTNAME
### Testing
@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ Changes can be tested by using [Packer](https://www.packer.io/) and
* This process depends on the [Go](https://golang.org/) programming language.
## Packages
Needing a Golang eco system and some basics
@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ pkg_add go-- packer-- git--
git clone https://github.com/double-p/packer-builder-openbsd-vmm.git
## builds
Set ````GOPATH```` (default: ~/go), if the 1.4GB dependencies wont fit.