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Jérémy Dubois 73563d6838 ansible-lint 4 months ago
Tristan PILAT 864f85a49a Change default Python version to 3.x 2 years ago
Patrick Marchand 98089a3274 Fix yaml lint lines too long
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is failing Details
continuous-integration/drone/pr Build is failing Details
In some cases I used block scalars:
In other cases I added newlines
In rare cases I just ignored the rule:
3 years ago
Jérémy Dubois e29e0e9e62 Ansible-lint and yamllint again
Lot of truthy variables, indentation and trailing spaces
3 years ago
Patrick Marchand af7b3b36fe Ansible-lint and yamllint
Does not fix all warnings, but gets rid of the purely cosmetic ones.
3 years ago
Tristan PILAT b555fb1222 Add initial project 4 years ago