EvoBSD is a set of Ansible playbooks and roles providing a customisation of the OpenBSD operating system used by Evolix.
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EvoBSD is an ansible project used for customising OpenBSD hosts used by Evolix.

How to install an OpenBSD machine

Note : The system must be installed with a root account only.

  1. Install ansible's prerequisites
ansible-playbook prerequisite.yml -CDi hosts -l HOSTNAME
  1. Run it

The variables files evolix-main.yml and evolinux-secrets.yml are customized variables for Evolix that overwrite main.yml variables. They are not needed if you are not from Evolix.

First use (become_method: su) :

ansible-playbook evolixisation.yml --ask-vault-pass -CDki hosts -u root -l HOSTNAME

Subsequent use (become_method: sudo) :

ansible-playbook evolixisation.yml --ask-vault-pass -CDKi hosts --skip-tags pf -l HOSTNAME

How to update scripts

Several tags in the format *utils are configured to update the different scripts, to be used with the update-utils.yml playbook :

  • utils : update scripts from base role, utils.yml task
  • motd-utils : update script from post-install role, motd.yml task
  • evomaintenance-utils : update scripts from evomaintenance role, main.yml task
  • evocheck-utils : update scripts from evocheck role, main.yml task
  • nagios-nrpe-utils : update scripts and checks from nagios-nrpe role, main.yml task
  • etc-git-utils : update scripts from etc-git role, utils.yml task


See the contribution guidelines


MIT License