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5 years ago
# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
This project does not follow semantic versioning.
The **major** part of the version is the year
The **minor** part changes is the month
The **patch** part changes is incremented if multiple releases happen the same month
5 years ago
## [Unreleased]
3 years ago
### Added
3 months ago
### Changed
### Fixed
### Removed
### Security
## [22.09] 2022-09-19
### Added
* evolinux_users: create only users who have a certain value for the `create` key (default: `always`).
* php: install php-xml with recent PHP versions
* vrrp: add an `ip.yml` task file to help create VRRP addresses
* webapps/nextcloud: Add compatibility with apache2, and apache2 mod_php.
* memcached: NRPE check for multi-instance setup
* munin: Add ipmi_ plugins on dedicated hardware
* proftpd: Add options to override configs (and add a warning if file was overriden)
* proftpd: Allow user auth with ssh keys
5 months ago
### Changed
* evocheck: upstream release 22.09
* evolinux-base: update-evobackup-canary upstream release 22.06
* generate-ldif: Support any MariaDB version
* minifirewall: use handlers to restart minifirewall
* openvpn: automate the initialization of the CA and the creation of the server certificate ; use openssl_dhparam module instead of a command
3 months ago
* generate-ldif: support any version of MariaDB (instead of only 10.0, 10.1 and 10.3)
* openvpn: Run OpenVPN with the \_openvpn user and group instead of nobody which is originally for NFS
3 months ago
* nagios-nrpe: Upgrade check_mongo
5 months ago
### Fixed
* fail2ban: fix dovecot-evolix regex syntax
* haproxy: make it so that munin doesn't break if there is a non default `haproxy_stats_path`
* mysql: Add missing Munin conf for Debian 11
* redis: config directory must be owned by the user that runs the service (to be able to write tmp config files in it)
* varnish: make `-j <jail_config>` the first argument on jessie/stretch as it has to be the first argument there.
* webapps/nextcloud: Add missing dependencies for imagick
5 months ago
### Removed
* evocheck: remove failure if deprecated variable is used
* webapps/nextcloud: Drop support for Nginx
4 months ago
## [22.07.1] 2022-07-28
### Changed
* evocheck: upstream release 22.07
* evomaintenance: upstream release 22.07
* mongodb: replace version_compare() with version()
* nagios-nrpe: check_disk1 returns only alerts
* nagios-nrpe: use regexp to exclude paths/devices in check_disk1
## [22.07] 2022-07-08
### Added
* fail2ban: Ensure apply dbpurgeage from stretch and buster
5 months ago
## [22.07] 2022-07-06
### Added
* evolinux-base: session timeout is configurable (default: 36000 seconds = 10 hours)
* haproxy: add haproxy_allow_ip_nonlocal_bind to set sysctl value (optional)
* kvm-host: fix depreciation of "drbd-overview" by "drbdadm status" in
5 months ago
* openvpn: configure logrotate
6 months ago
### Changed
* openvpn: minimal rights on /etc/shellpki/ and crl.pem
6 months ago
### Fixed
* evolinux-base: Update PermitRootLogin task to work on Debian 11
* evolinux-user: Update PermitRootLogin task to work on Debian 11
* minifirewall: docker mode is configurable
6 months ago
## [22.06.3] 2022-06-17
### Changed
* evolinux-base: blacklist and do not install megaclisas-status package on incompatible servers
6 months ago
## [22.06.2] 2022-06-10
### Added
* postgresql: add variable to configure binding addresses (default:
6 months ago
### Changed
* evocheck: upstream release 22.06.2
* fail2ban: Give the possibility to override jail.local (with fail2ban_override_jaillocal)
* fail2ban: If jail.local was overriden, add a warning
* fail2ban: Allow to tune some jail settings (maxretry, bantime, findtime) with ansible
* fail2ban: Allow to tune the default action with ansible
* fail2ban: Change default action to ban only (instead of ban + mail with whois report)
* fail2ban: Configure recidive jail (off by default) + extend dbpurgeage
* redis: binding is possible on multiple interfaces (breaking change)
6 months ago
### Fixed
* Enforce String notation for mode
* postgresql: fix nested loop for Munin plugins
* postgresql: Fix task order when using pgdg repo
* postgresql: Install the right pg version
6 months ago
## [22.06.1] 2022-06-06
### Changed
* evocheck: upstream release 22.06.1
* minifirewall: upstream release 22.06
* mysql: evomariabackup release 22.06.1
* mysql: reorganize evomariabackup to use mtree instead of our own dir-check
6 months ago
## [22.06] 2022-06-03
### Added
* certbot: add hapee (HAProxy Enterprise Edition) deploy hook
* evolinux-base: add dir-check script
* evolinux-base: add update-evobackup-canary script
* mysql: add post-backup-hook to evomariabackup
* mysql: use dir-check inside evomariabackup
7 months ago
### Changed
* docker: Allow "live-restore" to be toggled with docker_conf_live_restore
* evocheck: upstream release 22.06
* evolinux-base: Replacement of variable `evolinux_packages_hardware` by `ansible_virtualization_role == "host"` automatize host type detection and avoids installing smartd & other on VM.
6 months ago
* minifirewall: tail template follows symlinks
* mysql: add "set crypt_use_gpgme=no" Mutt option, for mysqltuner
### Fixed
* Role `postfix`: Add missing `localhost.localdomain localhost` to `mydestination` variable which caused undelivered of some local mails.
7 months ago
## [22.05.1] 2022-05-12
### Added
* docker : Introduce new default settings + allow to change the docker data directory
* docker : Introduce new variables to tweak daemon settings
7 months ago
### Changed
* evocheck: upstream release 22.05
7 months ago
### Removed
* docker : Removed Debian Jessie support
7 months ago
## [22.05] 2022-05-10
### Added
* etc-git: use "ansible-commit" to efficiently commit all available repositories (including /etc inside LXC) from Ansible
* minifirewall: compatibility with "legacy" version of minifirewall
7 months ago
* minifirewall: configure proxy/backup/sysctl values
* munin: Add possibility to install local plugins, and install dhcp_pool plugin
* nagios-nrpe: Add a check dhcp_pool
* redis: Activate overcommit sysctl
* redis: Add log2mail user to redis group
9 months ago
### Changed
7 months ago
* dump-server-state: upstream release 22.04.3
* evocheck: upstream release 22.04.1
* evolinux-base: Add non-free repos & install non-free firmware on dedicated hardware
8 months ago
* evolinux-base: rename backup-server-state to dump-server-state
* generate-ldif: Add services check for bkctld
8 months ago
* minifirewall: restore "force-restart" and fix "restart-if-needed"
* minifirewall: tail template follows symlinks
* minifirewall: upstream release 22.05
7 months ago
* opendkim : add generate opendkim-genkey in sha256 and key 4096
* openvpn: use a local copy of files instead of cloning an external git repository
* openvpn: use a subnet topology instead of the net30 default topology
* tomcat: Tomcat 9 by default with Debian 11
* vrrpd: Store sysctl values in specific file
9 months ago
### Fixed
* etc-git : Remount /usr in rw for git gc in in /usr/share/scripts/
* etc-git: Make evocommit fully compatible with OpenBSD
7 months ago
* generate-ldif: Correct generated entries for php-fpm in containers
* keepalived: repair broken role
* minifirewall: fix `failed_when` condition on restart
7 months ago
* postfix: Do not send mails through milters a second time after amavis (in packmail)
* redis: Remount /usr with RW before adding nagios plugin
9 months ago
## [22.03] 2022-03-02
### Added
* apt: apt_hold_packages: broadcast message with wall, if present
* evolinux-base: option to bypass raid-related tasks
* Explicit permissions for systemd overrides
* generate-ldif: Add support for php-fpm in containers
* kvm-host: add missing default value
* lxc-php: preliminary support for PHP 8.1 container
* openvpn: now check that openvpn has been restarted since last certificates renewal
* redis: always install check_redis_instances
* redis: check_redis_instances tolerates absence of instances
### Changed
* elasticsearch: Use `/etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options.d/evolinux` instead of default `/etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options`
* evolinux-users: check permissions for /etc/sudoers.d
* evolinux-users: optimize sudo configuration
* lxc: Fail if /var is nosuid
* openvpn: make it compatible with OpenBSD and add some improvements
10 months ago
## [22.01.3] 2022-01-31
### Changed
* rbenv: install Ruby 3.1.0 by default
* evolinux-base: backup-server-state: add "force" mode
### Fixed
* evolinux-base: backup-server-state: fix systemctl invocation
* varnish: update munin plugin to work with recent varnish versions
10 months ago
## [22.01.2] 2022-01-27
10 months ago
### Changed
* evolinux-base: many improvements for backup-server-state script
* remount-usr: use findmnt to find if usr is a readonly partition
## [22.01] 2022-01-25
### Added
* Support for Debian 11 « Bullseye » (with possible remaining blind spots)
* apache: new variable for MPM mode (+ updated default config accordingly)
* apache: prevent accessing Git or "env" related files
* certbot: add script for manual deploy hooks execution
* docker-host: install additional dependencies
* dovecot: switch to TLS 1.2+ and external DH params
* etc-git: centralize cron jobs in dedicated crontab
* etc-git: manage commits with an optimized shell script instead of many slow Ansible tasks
* evolinux-base: add script backup-server-state
* evolinux-base: configure top and htop to display the swap column
* evolinux-base: install molly-guard by default
* generate-ldif: detect RAID controller
* generate-ldif: detect mdadm
* listupgrade: crontab is configurable
* logstash: logging to syslog is configurable (default: True)
* mongodb: create munin plugins directory if missing
* munin: systemd override to unprotect home directory
* mysql: add evomariabackup 21.11
* mysql: improve Bullseye compatibility
* mysql: script "mysql_connections" to display a compact list of connections
* mysql: script "" to kill MySQL queries
* nagios-nrpe + evolinux-users: new check for ipmi
* nagios-nrpe + evolinux-users: new check for RAID (soft + hard)
* nagios-nrpe + evolinux-users: new checks for bkctld
* nagios-nrpe: new check influxdb
* openvpn: new role (beta)
* redis: instance service for Debian 11
* squid: add * to default whitelist
1 year ago
### Changed
* Change version pattern
* Install python 2 or 3 libraries according to running python version
* Remove embedded GPG keys only if legacy keyring is present
* apt: remove workaround for Evolix public repositories with Debian 11
* apt: upgrade packages after all the configuration is done
* apt: use the new security repository for Bullseye
* certbot: silence letsencrypt deprecation warnings
* elasticsearch: elastic_stack_version = 7.x
* evoacme: exclude renewal-hooks directory from cron
* evoadmin-web: simpler PHP packages lists
* evocheck: upstream release 21.10.4
* evolinux-base: alert5 comes after the network
* evolinux-base: force Debian version to buster for Evolix repository (temporary)
* evolinux-base: install freeipmi by default on dedicated hw
* evolinux-base: logs are rotated with dateext by default
* evolinux-base: split dpkg logrotate configuration
* evolinux-users + nagios-nrpe: Add support for php-fpm80 in lxc
* evomaintenance: extract a config.yml tasks file
* evomaintenance: upstream release 22.01
* filebeat/metricbeat: elastic_stack_version = 7.x
* kibana: elastic_stack_version = 7.x
* listupgrade: old-kernel-removal version 21.10
* listupgrade: upstream release 21.06.3
* logstash: elastic_stack_version = 7.x
* mongodb: Allow to specify a mongodb version for buster & bullseye
* mongodb: Deny the install on Debian 11 « Bullseye » when the version is unsupported
* mongodb: Support version 5.0 (for buster)
* mysql: use python3 and mariadb-client-10.5 with Debian 11 and later
* nodejs: default to version 16 LTS
* php: enforce Debian version with assert instead of fail
* squid: improve default whitelist (more specific patterns)
* squid: must be started in foreground mode for systemd
* squid: remove obsolete variable on Squid 4
1 year ago
### Fixed
* evolinux-base: fix alert5.service dependency syntax
* certbot: sync_remote excludes itself
* lxc-php: fix config for opensmtpd on bullseye containers
* mysql : Create a default ~root/.my.cnf for compatibility reasons
* nginx : fix variable name and debug to actually use nginx-light
* packweb-apache : Support php 8.0
* nagios-nrpe: Fix check_nfsserver for buster and bullseye
1 year ago
### Removed
* evocheck: package install is not supported anymore
* logstash: no more dependency on Java
* php: remove php-gettext for 7.4
1 year ago
## [10.6.0] 2021-06-28
### Added
* Add Elastic GPG key to kibana, filebeat, logstash, metricbeat roles
* apache: new variable for mpm mode (+ updated default config accordingly)
* evolinux-base: add default motd template
* kvm-host: add migrate-vm script
* mysql: variable to disable myadd script overwrite (default: True)
* nodejs: update apt cache before installing the package
* squid: add Yarn apt repository in default whitelist
2 years ago
### Changed
* Update Galaxy metadata (company, platforms and galaxy_tags)
* Use 'loop' syntax instead of 'with_first_found/with_items/with_dict/with_nested/with_list'
2 years ago
* Use Ansible syntax used in Ansible 2.8+
* apt: store keys in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d in ascii format
* certbot: is configurable
2 years ago
* evolinux-base: copy GPG key instead of using apt-key
* evomaintenance: upstream release 0.6.4
* kvm-host: replace the "kvm-tools" package with scripts deployed by Ansible
* listupgrade: upstream release 21.06.2
* nodejs: change GPG key name
* ntpd: Add leapfile configuration setting to ntpd on debian 10+
* packweb-apache: install phpMyAdmin from buster-backports
* spamassassin: change dependency on evomaintenance
* squid: remove obsolete variable on Squid 4
2 years ago
### Fixed
* add default (useless) value for file lookup (first_found)
* fix pipefail option for shell invocations
* elasticsearch: inline YAML formatting of seed_hosts and initial_master_nodes
* evolinux-base: fix motd lookup path
* ldap: fix edge cases where passwords were not set/get properly
* listupgrade: fix wget error + shellcheck cleanup
2 years ago
### Removed
* elasticsearch: recent versiond don't depend on external JRE
2 years ago
## [10.5.1] 2021-04-13
### Added
* haproxy: dedicated internal address/binding (without SSL)
### Changed
* etc-git: commit in /usr/share/scripts when there's an active repository
2 years ago
## [10.5.0] 2021-04-01
### Added
* apache: new variables for logrotate + server-status
* filebeat: package can be upgraded to latest (default: False)
* haproxy: possible admin access with login/pass
1 year ago
* lxc-php: Add PHP 7.4 support
* metricbeat: package can be upgraded to latest (default: False)
* metricbeat: new variables to configure SSL mode
* nagios-nrpe: new script check_phpfpm_multi
* nginx: add access to server status on default VHost
* postfix: add smtpd_relay_restrictions in configuration
2 years ago
### Changed
* apache: rotate logs daily instead of weekly
* apache: deny requests to ^/evolinux_fpm_status-.*
* certbot: use a fixed 1.9.0 version of the certbot-auto script (renamed "letsencrypt-auto")
2 years ago
* certbot: use the legacy script on Debian 8 and 9
* elasticsearch: log rotation is more readable/maintainable
* evoacme: upstream release 21.01
* evolinux-users: Add sudo rights for nagios for multi-php lxc
* listupgrade: update script from upstream
* minifirewall: change some defaults
* nagios-nrpe: update & install perl dependencies
* redis: use /run instead or /var/run
* redis: escape password in Munin configuration
2 years ago
### Fixed
* bind9: added log files to apparmor definition so bind can run
* filebeat: fix Ansible syntax error
* nagios-nrpe: libfcgi-client-perl is not available before Debian 10
* redis: socket/pid directories have the correct permissions
2 years ago
### Removed
2 years ago
* nginx: no more "minimal" mode, but the package remains customizable.
2 years ago
## [10.4.0] 2020-12-24
### Added
* certbot: detect domains if missing
* certbot: new "" hook to sync certificates and execute hooks on remote servers
* varnish: variable for jail configuration
2 years ago
### Changed
* certbot: disable auth for Let's Encrypt challenge
* nginx: change from "nginx_status-XXX" to "server-status-XXX"
2 years ago
## [10.3.0] 2020-12-21
### Added
* dovecot: Update munin plugin & configure it
* dovecot: vmail uid/gid are configurable
* evoacme: variable to disable Debian version check (default: False)
* kvm-host: Add drbd role dependency (toggleable with kvm_install_drbd)
* minifirewall: upstream release 20.12
* minifirewall: add variables to force upgrade the script and the config (default: False)
* mysql: install save_mysql_processlist script
* nextcloud: New role to setup a nextcloud instance
* redis: variable to force use of port 6379 in instances mode
* redis: check maxmemory in NRPE check
* lxc-php: Allow php containers to contact local MySQL with localhost
* varnish: config file name is configurable
2 years ago
### Changed
* Create system users for vmail (dovecot) and evoadmin
* apt: disable APT Periodic
* evoacme: upstream release 20.12
* evocheck: upstream release 20.12
* evolinux-users: improve uid/login checks
* tomcat-instance: fail if uid already exists
* varnish: change template name for better readability
* varnish: no threadpool delay by default
1 year ago
* varnish: no custom reload script for Debian 10 and later
2 years ago
### Fixed
* cerbot: parse HAProxy config file only if HAProxy is found
2 years ago
## [10.2.0] 2020-09-17
### Added
* evoacme: remount /usr if necessary
* evolinux-base: swappiness is customizable
* evolinux-base: install wget
* tomcat: root directory owner/group are configurable
2 years ago
### Changed
* Change default public SSH/SFTP port from 2222 to 22222
2 years ago
### Fixed
* certbot: an empty change shouldn't raise an exception
* certbot: fix "no-self-upgrade" option
2 years ago
### Removed
* evoacme: remove Debian 9 support
2 years ago
## [10.1.0] 2020-08-21
### Added
* certbot: detect HAProxy cert directory
* filebeat: allow using a template
* generate-ldif: add NVMe disk support
* haproxy: add deny_ips file to reject connections
* haproxy: add some comments to default config
* haproxy: enable stats frontend with access lists
* haproxy: preconfigure SSL with defaults
* lxc-php: Don't disable putenv() by default in PHP settings
* lxc-php: Install php-sqlite by default
* metricbeat: allow using a template
* mysql: activate binary logs by specifying log_bin path
* mysql: option to define as read only
* mysql: specify a custom server_id
* nagios-nrpe/evolinux-base: brand new check for hardware raid on HP servers gen 10
* nginx: make default vhost configurable
* packweb-apache: Install zip & unzip by default
* php: Don't disable putenv() by default in PHP settings
* php: Install php-sqlite by default
3 years ago
### Changed
* certbot: fix haproxy hook (ssl cert directory detection)
* certbot: install certbot dependencies non-interactively for jessie
* elasticsearch: configure cluster with seed hosts and initial masters
* elasticsearch: set tmpdir before datadir
* evoacme: read values from environment before defaults file
* evoacme: update for new certbot role
* evoacme: upstream release 20.08
* haproxy: adapt backports installed package list to distibution
* haproxy: chroot and socket path are configurable
* haproxy: deport SSL tuning to Mozilla SSL generator
* haproxy: rotate logs with date extension and immediate compression
* haproxy: split stats variables
* lxc-php: Do --no-install-recommends for ssmtp/opensmtpd
* mongodb: install custom munin plugins
* nginx: read server-status values before changing the config
* packweb-apache: Don't turn on mod-evasive emails by default
* redis: create sudoers file if missing
* redis: new syntax for match filter
* redis: raise an error is port 6379 is used in "instance" mode
3 years ago
### Fixed
* certbot: restore compatibility with old Nginx
* evobackup-client: fixed the ssh connection test
* generate-ldif: better detection of computerOS field
* generate-ldif: skip some odd ethernet devices
* lxc-php: Install opensmtpd as intended
* mongodb: fix logrotate patterm on Debian buster
* nagios-nrpe: check_amavis: updated regex
* squid: better regex to match sa-update domains
* varnish: fix start command when multiple addresses are present
3 years ago
## [10.0.0] - 2020-05-13
4 years ago
### Added
* apache: the default VHost doesn't redirect to https for ".well-known" paths
* apt: added buster backports prerferences
* apt: check if cron is installed before adding a cron job
* apt: remove jessie/buster sources from Gandi servers
* apt: verify that /etc/evolinux is present
* certbot : new role to install and configure certbot
* etc-git: add versioning for /usr/share/scripts on Debian 10+
* evoacme: upstream version 19.11
* evolinux-base: default value for "evolinux_ssh_group"
* evolinux-base: install /sbin/deny
* evolinux-base: install Evocheck (default: `True`)
* evolinux-base: on debian 10 and later, add noexec on /dev/shm
* evolinux-base: on debian 10 and later, add /usr/share/scripts in root's PATH
* evolinux-base: remove the chrony package
* evomaintenance: don't configure firewall for database if not necessary
* generate-ldif: support MariaDB 10.3
* haproxy: add a variable to keep the existing configuration
* java: add Java 11 as possible version to install
* listupgrade: install old-kernel-autoremoval script
* minifirewall: add a variable to force the check scripts update
* mongodb: mongodb: compatibility with Debian 10
* mysql-oracle: backport tasks from mysql role
* networkd-to-ifconfig: add variables for configuration by variables
* packweb-apache: Deploy opcache.php to give some insights on PHP's opcache status
* php: variable to install the mysqlnd module instead of the default mysql module
3 years ago
* postgresql : variable to install PostGIS (default: `False`)
3 years ago
* redis: rewrite of the role (separate instances, better systemd units…)
* webapps/evoadmin-web Add an htpasswd to evoadmin if you cant use an apache IP whitelist
* webapps/evoadmin-web Overload templates if needed