Fail if /var has nodev or noexec option enabled.
Some checks reported errors
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William Hirigoyen (Evolix) 2022-01-11 11:48:57 +01:00
parent 14883aa95e
commit bd39adaf68

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@ -43,15 +43,11 @@
- lxc_unprivilegied_containers | bool
- root_subuids.rc != 0
- name: /var has mount options dev and exec enabled
path: /var
opts: dev,exec
state: remounted
with_items: "{{ ansible_mounts }}"
when: "item.mount == '/var' and
('nodev' in item.options.split(',') or
'noexec' in item.options.split(','))"
- name: Check if /var has not mount options nodev or noexec
shell: findmnt | grep -E "/var[^/]" | grep -e nodev -e noexec
register: check_var
changed_when: false
failed_when: "check_var.rc == 0"
- name: Create containers
include: create-container.yml