2094 Commits (stable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jérémy Lecour 3a26f18201 Merge pull request 'Release 10.0.0' (#100) from unstable into stable 2 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 4016387ca8 Release 10.0.0 2 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour ac7ee86a9c minifirewall: /bin/true command doesn't report "changed" anymore 2 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 0da938223e redis: remove quotes when reading variables 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 849ec405d5 evocheck: upstream version 20.04.4 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 57e5791728 networkd-to-ifconfig: add variables for configuration by variables 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 2f77100b47 evocheck: upstream version 20.04.3 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 72736751ea in evobackup_client, made rsync ssh key use the actual variable 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand ebecda38b6 Fixed evobackup-client not updating the ssh key in the jail 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 53ae27b250 evobackup-client now uses the default ed25519 key of the server 3 months ago
  Eric Morino 9e0388c865 Fix task when memcached_instance_name 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 7173fc06ea Quote a variable in zz_evobackup.default.sh.j2 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand daa97a2314 revert last change to zzz_evobackup, it broke 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 556b6a6f89 added litteral blocks to zzz_evobackup template 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 6906c41818 Merge branch 'unstable' of gitea.evolix.org:evolix/ansible-roles into unstable 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour f3111b42e5 cerbot: add mod_jk and mod_proxy directives for the Apache challenge 3 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol b1b0072377 Merge pull request 'Enhancing our multiphp-setup' (#97) from lpoujol/better-multiphp into unstable 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 7a3e6cf61a lxc: install apparmor on Debian 10 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 968973d1f4 whitespaces and syntax 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour d013a65cf6 Merge branch 'unstable' into lpoujol/better-multiphp 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 7a9624fcc2 evoacme: remove shellcheck warnings 3 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 05c3629564 Merge branch 'unstable' of gitea.evolix.org:evolix/ansible-roles into unstable 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 6764418e75 evocheck: upstream release 20.04.2 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 155c6a5a88 explicit "force: no" for consistency 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 257a3476f1 evocheck: upstream release 20.04.1 3 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour e2f5094835 trailing space 4 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour f2613e91aa evolinux-base: configure cciss-vol-statusd in the proper file 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 6cf62aec11 (fix) packweb-apache : phpContainer can be run by anyone, set the chmod accordingly to 0755 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 4720329084 (fix) packweb-apache: Fix a regression introduced by bd63e7037f 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol bd201e8791 (change) lxc-php: refactor tasks for better maintainability (again) 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 93c043c8e0 (fix) lxc: Fix container existance check to be able to run in check_mode 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol bd63e7037f packweb-apache: Do the install & conffigure phpContainer script (instead of evoadmin-web role) 4 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 35549d2dea certbot: execute manual install for sources mode 4 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 71a9ac8424 mongodb: mention Buster support in README 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol f135f67cd0
(change) php: Cleanup CLI Settings. Also, allow url fopen and don't disable functions (in CLI only) 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 2a1d355192 (fix) php: Correct tasks names in config_cli as they are for all versions, not only jessie 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 7fc260a17b (fix) php: update surry_post.yml to match current latest PHP release 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol f442239cec (fix) packweb-apache: Don't try to install PHPMyAdmin on Buster as it's not available 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 135a089341 (change) lxc-php: Use OpenSMTPD for Stretch/Buster containers, and ssmtp for Jessie containers 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol a21fcaf663 (fix) php: Chose the debian version repo archive for packages.sury.org 4 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol a680399608 packweb-apache: Add missing dependency to evoacme role 5 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 8bc4ff4ada lxc-php & webapps/evoadmin-web: Commit missing fixes 5 months ago
  Victor Laborie 84ec361270 evoadmin-web: fix missing bracket in web-add.conf template 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie 3601e802d6 evoadmin-web: fix typo in join filter 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie 47b263e411 lxc-php: fix php56-fpm handler name 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 9c420eec4f packweb-apache: Automagically bootstrap the multiphp containers 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 0f41638810 webapps/evoadmin-web: Replace evoadmin_multi_php (bool) by evoadmin_multiphp_versions (list) ** breaking ** 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol e6f2bbb331 lxc-php: An almost complete rewrite ** BREAKING ** 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 8ef94a9798 lxc: Allow this role to be called multiple times 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 9b80db3772 lxc: Don't stop the container if it already exists 8 months ago