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William Hirigoyen 18fb89234c lxc-php: restart container instead of reload after php-fpm unit's umask change.
3 months ago
William Hirigoyen (Evolix) 2692ac5661 Ajoute l'umask 0007 au service php-fpm
3 months ago
Jérémy Lecour 799466788f lxc-php: preliminary support for PHP 8.1 container
continuous-integration/drone/push Build was killed Details
12 months ago
Brice Waegeneire 616ead41d5 lxc-php: Add php 8.0 support
1 year ago
Ludovic Poujol f2ebe2d878 lxc-php: Add php 7.4 support
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing Details
2 years ago
Mathieu Trossevin d33b4baef1
Make container restart an handler
2 years ago
Victor LABORIE 47b263e411 lxc-php: fix php56-fpm handler name
3 years ago
Ludovic Poujol e6f2bbb331 lxc-php: An almost complete rewrite ** BREAKING **
3 years ago
Tristan PILAT 317aac735f Add lxc-php role - Install 3 containers with all required PHP packages
4 years ago