Release 10.5.0 #124

Manually merged
jlecour merged 46 commits from unstable into stable 3 weeks ago
jlecour commented 3 weeks ago
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jlecour added 46 commits 3 weeks ago
8c54fd8c16 apache: new variables for logrotate + server-status
024d30ea43 evoacme: upstream release 21.01
1576375417 postgresql: Fix postgresql@.service customization
2e29dc2440 lxc-php: Do not bind the mysql socket by default
02ba81884d MàJ IPs Evolix minifirewall + spamassassin
1785e6a500 nginx: fix server-status
5588ed6009 minifirewall: change some defaults
e1458e6a35 Mention the CHANGELOG in the README
f940bc3866 cerbot: use the legacy script on Debian 8 and 9
17f1a1a55e update changelog
58f82046cc Add first version of Keepalived role
2b328dc764 postfix: add smtpd_relay_restrictions in configuration
622bbca4c2 apache: rotate logs daily instead of weekly
0e3ecccb7f postfix: restore permit_sasl_authenticated on packmail
22a19519b3 Add NRPE related configuration tasks
ddd3e1aa06 nagios-nrpe: new script check_phpfpm_multi
3709808fdc redis: use /run instead or /var/run
df9db31725 deny requests to ^/evolinux_fpm_status-.*
92b7ce0acd postfix: always enable sasl authentified for relay
1f4079b1b3 haproxy: possible admin access with login/pass
3103af67a7 redis: escape password in Munin configuration
7da22e243e Changed log directory for bind9
ffd3ff97f1 Fix conflict in changelog
e5511eafc6 Revert changes to bind log path from apparmor fix
c7c75d3206 Nodejs : Update yarn gpg repo key
d7d057e435 filebeat: fix Ansible syntax error
f2ebe2d878 lxc-php: Add php 7.4 support
32f2a29161 lxc-php: No need of apt-key for php7.4
33837844ee Compress logs about garbage collector for elasticsearch
2686eea2b1 Release 10.5.0
jlecour merged commit c85864a6a5 into stable 3 weeks ago manually
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
continuous-integration/drone/pr Build is passing
The pull request has been manually merged as c85864a6a5.
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