• Stable 10.3.0 03b91177b1

    Release 10.3.0

    jlecour released this 10 months ago | 151 commits to stable since this release


    • dovecot: Update munin plugin & configure it
    • dovecot: vmail uid/gid are configurable
    • evoacme: variable to disable Debian version check (default: False)
    • kvm-host: Add drbd role dependency (toggleable with kvm_install_drbd)
    • minifirewall: upstream release 20.12
    • minifirewall: add variables to force upgrade the script and the config (default: False)
    • mysql: install save_mysql_processlist script
    • nextcloud: New role to setup a nextcloud instance
    • redis: variable to force use of port 6379 in instances mode
    • redis: check maxmemory in NRPE check
    • lxc-php: Allow php containers to contact local MySQL with localhost
    • varnish: config file name is configurable


    • Create system users for vmail (dovecot) and evoadmin
    • apt: disable APT Periodic
    • evoacme: upstream release 20.12
    • evocheck: upstream release 20.12
    • evolinux-users: improve uid/login checks
    • tomcat-instance: fail if uid already exists
    • varnish: change template name for better readability
    • varnish: no threadpool delay by default
    • varnish: no custom reload script for Debian 10 and later


    • cerbot: parse HAProxy config file only if HAProxy is found