• Stable 10.5.0 c85864a6a5

    Release 10.5.0

    jlecour released this 7 months ago | 92 commits to stable since this release


    • apache: new variables for logrotate + server-status
    • filebeat: package can be upgraded to latest (default: False)
    • haproxy: possible admin access with login/pass
    • lxc-php: Add PHP 7.4 support
    • metricbeat: package can be upgraded to latest (default: False)
    • metricbeat: new variables to configure SSL mode
    • nagios-nrpe: new script check_phpfpm_multi
    • nginx: add access to server status on default VHost
    • postfix: add smtpd_relay_restrictions in configuration


    • apache: rotate logs daily instead of weekly
    • apache: deny requests to ^/evolinux_fpm_status-.*
    • certbot: use a fixed 1.9.0 version of the certbot-auto script (renamed "letsencrypt-auto")
    • certbot: use the legacy script on Debian 8 and 9
    • elasticsearch: log rotation is more readable/maintainable
    • evoacme: upstream release 21.01
    • evolinux-users: Add sudo rights for nagios for multi-php lxc
    • listupgrade: update script from upstream
    • minifirewall: change some defaults
    • nagios-nrpe: update check_phpfpm_status.pl & install perl dependencies
    • redis: use /run instead or /var/run
    • redis: escape password in Munin configuration


    • bind9: added log files to apparmor definition so bind can run
    • filebeat: fix Ansible syntax error
    • nagios-nrpe: libfcgi-client-perl is not available before Debian 10
    • redis: socket/pid directories have the correct permissions


    • nginx: no more "minimal" mode, but the package remains customizable.