• Stable 10.6.0 1b8de7c524

    Release 10.6.0

    jlecour released this 4 months ago | 0 commits to stable since this release


    • Add Elastic GPG key to kibana, filebeat, logstash, metricbeat roles
    • apache: new variable for mpm mode (+ updated default config accordingly)
    • evolinux-base: add default motd template
    • kvm-host: add migrate-vm script
    • mysql: variable to disable myadd script overwrite (default: True)
    • nodejs: update apt cache before installing the package
    • squid: add Yarn apt repository in default whitelist


    • Update Galaxy metadata (company, platforms and galaxy_tags)
    • Use 'loop' syntax instead of 'with_first_found/with_items/with_dict/with_nested/with_list'
    • Use Ansible syntax used in Ansible 2.8+
    • apt: store keys in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d in ascii format
    • certbot: sync_remote.sh is configurable
    • evolinux-base: copy GPG key instead of using apt-key
    • evomaintenance: upstream release 0.6.4
    • kvm-host: replace the "kvm-tools" package with scripts deployed by Ansible
    • listupgrade: upstream release 21.06.2
    • nodejs: change GPG key name
    • ntpd: Add leapfile configuration setting to ntpd on debian 10+
    • packweb-apache: install phpMyAdmin from buster-backports
    • spamassassin: change dependency on evomaintenance
    • squid: remove obsolete variable on Squid 4


    • add default (useless) value for file lookup (first_found)
    • fix pipefail option for shell invocations
    • elasticsearch: inline YAML formatting of seed_hosts and initial_master_nodes
    • evolinux-base: fix motd lookup path
    • ldap: fix edge cases where passwords were not set/get properly
    • listupgrade: fix wget error + shellcheck cleanup


    • elasticsearch: recent versiond don't depend on external JRE