• 22.05 c273117c5f

    Release 22.05 Stable

    jlecour released this 11 months ago | 0 commits to stable since this release


    • etc-git: use "ansible-commit" to efficiently commit all available repositories (including /etc inside LXC) from Ansible
    • minifirewall: compatibility with "legacy" version of minifirewall
    • minifirewall: configure proxy/backup/sysctl values
    • munin: Add possibility to install local plugins, and install dhcp_pool plugin
    • nagios-nrpe: Add a check dhcp_pool
    • redis: Activate overcommit sysctl
    • redis: Add log2mail user to redis group


    • dump-server-state: upstream release 22.04.3
    • evocheck: upstream release 22.04.1
    • evolinux-base: Add non-free repos & install non-free firmware on dedicated hardware
    • evolinux-base: rename backup-server-state to dump-server-state
    • generate-ldif: Add services check for bkctld
    • minifirewall: restore "force-restart" and fix "restart-if-needed"
    • minifirewall: tail template follows symlinks
    • minifirewall: upstream release 22.05
    • opendkim : add generate opendkim-genkey in sha256 and key 4096
    • openvpn: use a local copy of files instead of cloning an external git repository
    • openvpn: use a subnet topology instead of the net30 default topology
    • tomcat: Tomcat 9 by default with Debian 11
    • vrrpd: Store sysctl values in specific file


    • etc-git : Remount /usr in rw for git gc in in /usr/share/scripts/
    • etc-git: Make evocommit fully compatible with OpenBSD
    • generate-ldif: Correct generated entries for php-fpm in containers
    • keepalived: repair broken role
    • minifirewall: fix failed_when condition on restart
    • postfix: Do not send mails through milters a second time after amavis (in packmail)
    • redis: Remount /usr with RW before adding nagios plugin