• 22.06.2 e3715ca2d6

    jlecour released this 2022-06-10 11:14:38 +02:00 | 357 commits to stable since this release


    • postgresql: add variable to configure binding addresses (default:


    • evocheck: upstream release 22.06.2
    • fail2ban: Give the possibility to override jail.local (with fail2ban_override_jaillocal)
    • fail2ban: If jail.local was overriden, add a warning
    • fail2ban: Allow to tune some jail settings (maxretry, bantime, findtime) with ansible
    • fail2ban: Allow to tune the default action with ansible
    • fail2ban: Change default action to ban only (instead of ban + mail with whois report)
    • fail2ban: Configure recidive jail (off by default) + extend dbpurgeage
    • redis: binding is possible on multiple interfaces (breaking change)


    • Enforce String notation for mode
    • postgresql: fix nested loop for Munin plugins
    • postgresql: Fix task order when using pgdg repo
    • postgresql: Install the right pg version