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# amazon-ec2

Manage Amazon EC2 instances.

This role is intended to be called before any other role to setup and start EC2

## Dependencies

You should first ensure that you have `python-boto` package installed on your
machine and an Amazon security access key pair created for your account.

## Tasks

By default, this role does nothing (no `main.yml` file).

* `setup.yml`: create a security group and ssh keys
* `create-instance.yml`: create new EC2 instances
* `post-install.yml`: remove admin user created on Debian instances

## Variables

  - `aws_access_key` and `aws_secret_key`: your AWS credentials
  - `aws_region`: where to create instances. Default: ca-central-1
  - `ec2_public_ip`: assign public elastic IP address. Default: False
  - `ec2_instance_count`: how many instance to launch. Default: 1
  - `ec2_security_group: EC2 security group to use. See
    ec2_evolinux_security_group in `defaults/main.yml` to define your own.
    Default: ec2_evolinux_security_group
  - `ec2_base_ami`: EC2 image to use. Default is to use Debian official ones,
    depending on the region
  - `ec2_instance_type`: EC2 instance type to use
  - `ssh_pubkey_file`: SSH public key file to push to AWS. Do not try to put
    your ED25519 key here, AWS does not support it. Default: ~/.ssh/
  - `ec2_keyname: a name to give to your public key on AWS. Default is to use
    $USER environment variable.

## Examples

In your main evolinux playbook put this play before Evolinux one:

- name: Prepare Amazon EC2 instance
  hosts: localhost
  gather_facts: False

    # Any other variable you want to set.

    - include_role:
        name: evolix/amazon-ec2
        tasks_from: create-instance.yml

See amazon-ec2-evolinux.yml for an almost ready-to-use playbook to set up
Amazon EC2 instances running Evolinux.