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What docker-host Affects

This playbook will install a docker-engine on the target host.

Role Variables

These variables are needed when the docker-engine needs to be exposed.

  • docker_remote_access_enabled: True
  • docker_daemon_port: 2376
  • docker_daemon_listening_ip:

When the docker-engine is reachable from another host, it's important to configure TLS. Those are the basic settings for TLS and it should not be modified.

  • docker_tls_enabled: True
  • docker_tls_path: /home/docker/tls
  • docker_tls_ca: ca/ca.pem
  • docker_tls_ca_key: ca/ca-key.pem
  • docker_tls_cert: server/cert.pem
  • docker_tls_key: server/key.pem
  • docker_tls_csr: server/server.csr


$ ansible-playbook -i inventory docker-host.yml