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Install Elasticsearch.


Tasks are extracted in several files, included in tasks/main.yml :

  • packages.yml : install packages ;
  • configuration.yml : configure the service;
  • bootstrap_checks.yml : deal with bootstrap checks;
  • datadir.yml : data directory customization ;
  • tmpdir.yml : temporary directory customization ;

Available variables

  • elasticsearch_cluster_name: cluster name ;
  • elasticsearch_cluster_members: members of a cluster (ex: '["", "", ""]') (default: Null) ;
  • elasticsearch_minimum_master_nodes: minimum of master nodes (the best practice is to have "number of elasticsearch_cluster_members / 2 + 1" as value) (default: Null) ;
  • elasticsearch_node_name: node name, defaults to hostname ;
  • elasticsearch_network_host: which interfaces to bind to ;
  • elasticsearch_network_publish_host: which interface to publish for node-to-node communication (default: Null) ;
  • elasticsearch_http_publish_host: which interface to publish for clients (default: Null) ;
  • elasticsearch_custom_datadir: custom datadir ;
  • elasticsearch_custom_tmpdir: custom tmpdir ;
  • elasticsearch_jvm_xms: mininum heap size reserved for the JVM (default: 2g).
  • elasticsearch_jvm_xmx: maximum heap size reserved for the JVM (default: 2g).
  • elasticsearch_restart_on_upgrade: restart the service after package upgrade (default: true)

By default, Elasticsearch will listen to the local interface (_local_ cf.


Curator can be installed. :

  • elasticsearch_curator : enable the package installation (default: False) ;

Head plugin

The "head" plugin can be installed :

  • elasticsearch_plugin_head : enable the plugin installation (default: False) ;
  • elasticsearch_plugin_head_basedir: base directory (default : /var/www) ;
  • elasticsearch_plugin_head_clone_name: directory name for git clone.

To use this plugin, you have to run the built-in webserver (using Grunt/NodeJS), or point a webserver to the path. More details here :

For example, to run the built-in server, with "www-data" user :

# sudo -u www-data bash -c 'cd /var/www/elasticsearch-head && grunt server'