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Various tasks for Evolinux setup.


  • hostname :
  • kernel :
  • apt :
  • fstab :
  • packages :
  • system :
  • root :
  • ssh :
  • postfix :
  • logs :
  • default_www :
  • hardware :
  • provider_online :
  • provider_orange_fce :

Available variables

Each tasks group is included in the main.yml file with a condition based on a variable like evolinux_hostname_include (mostly True by default). The variables can be set to False to disable a task group. Finer grained tasks disabling is done in each group of tasks.

Main variables are:

  • general_alert_email: email address to send various alert messages (default: root@localhost).
  • apt_alert_email: email address to send APT messages to (default: general_alert_email).
  • log2mail_alert_email: email address to send Log2mail messages to (default: general_alert_email).
  • postfix_alias_email: email address for messages sent to root (default: general_alert_email) ;
  • evolinux_apt_upgrade: upgrade packages (default: True)
  • evolinux_apt_hooks: install APT hooks (default: True)
  • evolinux_apt_remove_aptitude: uninstall aptitude (default: True)
  • evolinux_delete_nfs: delete NFS tools (default: True)
  • evolinux_additional_packages: optional additional packages to install (default: [])
  • evolinux_postfix_purge_exim: purge Exim packages (default: True) ;
  • evolinux_ssh_password_auth_addresses: list of addresses that can authenticate with a password (default: [])
  • evolinux_ssh_disable_root: disable SSH access for root (default: False)
  • evolinux_ssh_allow_current_user: don't lock yourself out (default: False)

The full list of variables (with default values) can be found in defaults/main.yml.