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Install Keepalived


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

  • keepalived_interface : Interface used by vrrpd instance (default is the interface reported by ansible_default_ipv4.interface)
  • keepalived_role : This can be either master or backup (default: master)
  • keepalived_router_id : Number between 0 and 255 used to differentiate multiple instances of vrrpd (default: 42)
  • keepalived_priority : Used for electing MASTER, highest priority wins (default : 100 when keepalived_role is set to master otherwise 50)
  • keepalived_ip : Address added or deleted on change to MASTER/BACKUP. This is mandatory (default: none)
  • keepalived_password : Password for accessing vrrpd. Should be the same on all machines. This is mandatory (default: none)