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Create LXC containers and install all the required PHP packages as a way to use multiple PHP version on Debian.

note : this role depend on the lxc role.


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

As this role depend on the lxc role, please refer to it for a variable exhaustive list.

Here is the list of available variables for the PHP part:

  • php_conf_short_open_tag Default: "Off"
  • php_conf_expose_php Default: "Off"
  • php_conf_display_errors Default: "Off"
  • php_conf_log_errors Default: "On"
  • php_conf_html_errors Default: "Off"
  • php_conf_allow_url_fopen Default: "Off"
  • php_conf_disable_functions Default: "exec,shell-exec,system,passthru,putenv,popen"