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Jérémy Lecour 7a0e0d81d6
gitea/ansible-roles/pipeline/head This commit looks good Details
Proper jinja spacing
3 months ago
mailname.j2 Proper jinja spacing 3 months ago
smtpd.conf.bullseye.j2 lxc-php: Fix config for opensmtpd on bullseye 1 year ago
smtpd.conf.j2 lxc-php: An almost complete rewrite ** BREAKING ** 3 years ago
ssmtp.conf.j2 (change) lxc-php: Use OpenSMTPD for Stretch/Buster containers, and ssmtp for Jessie containers 3 years ago
z-evolinux-defaults.ini.j2 lxc-php: Have mysqld.sock inside of a directory 3 years ago