Ansible roles by Evolix
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David Prevot d67e03e5a2 packweb-apache/files/userlogrotate: tfix (comments). 4 months ago
evolinux-modsec.conf packweb-apache: mod-security config is already included elsewhere 4 years ago
info.php Add info.php 5 years ago
multiphp-sudoers packweb-apache: Do the install & conffigure phpContainer script (instead of evoadmin-web role) 3 years ago
opcache.php packweb-apache: Deploy opcache.php to give some insights on PHP's opcache status 3 years ago
phpContainer Add Includes in PHPVersion search. 10 months ago
userlogrotate packweb-apache/files/userlogrotate: tfix (comments). 4 months ago
userlogrotate_jessie first step to improve userlogrotate in Debian 9 5 years ago