Ansible roles by Evolix
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Installation and basic configuration of PostgreSQL.


Tasks are in several files, included in tasks/main.yml :

  • packages.yml : packages installation ;
  • config.yml : configurations ;
  • nrpe.yml : nrpe user for Nagios checks ;
  • munin.yml : Munin plugins ;
  • logrotate.yml : logrotate configuration.

Available variables

Main variables are :

  • postgresql_databases: list of databases for Munin plugins
  • postgresql_shared_buffers: (default: 4GB)
  • postgresql_work_mem: (default: 8MB)
  • postgresql_random_page_cost: (default: 1.5)
  • postgresql_effective_cache_size: (default: 14GB)

The full list of variables (with default values) can be found in defaults/main.yml.