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Installation and basic configuration of ProFTPd


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

Main variables are :

  • proftpd_hostname: hostname (default: ansible_hostname)
  • proftpd_fqdn: fully qualified domain name (default: ansible_fqdn)
  • proftpd_default_address : address for the server to listen on (default: [])
  • proftpd_port : port for the control socket (default: 21)

The full list of variables (with default values) can be found in defaults/main.yml.

Accounts management

Proftpd accounts can be maintened with the proftpd_accounts var, it can be set in inventory/host_vars/inventory_hostname :

- { name: 'ftp1', home: '/srv/data/ftp1', uid: 116, gid: 65534 }
- { name: 'ftp2', home: '/srv/data/ftp2', uid: 116, gid: 65534 }

The password will be randomly generated and printed to the screen the first time you run the task.

You can force is value by set the password field with the hashed version of your password.

eg. for "test" password hashed with sha512 :

- { name: 'ftp1', home: '/srv/data/ftp1', uid: 116, gid: 65534, password: '$6$/Yy0b0No3GWh$3ZY1GZFI25eyQDBrANyHw.NFPqPqdg6sCi89nM/aNitmESZ2jGfROveS5xowy.WjX9tMC7.KPoabKPyxOpBJY0' }

For generate the sha512 version of yours password :

printf "test" | mkpasswd --stdin --method=sha-512