Ansible roles by Evolix
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general_alert_email: "root@localhost"
log2mail_alert_email: Null
general_scripts_dir: "/usr/share/scripts"
mysql_scripts_dir: Null
mysql_install_libclient: False
mysql_replace_root_with_mysqladmin: True
mysql_custom_datadir: ''
mysql_custom_tmpdir: ''
mysql_thread_cache_size: '{{ ansible_processor_cores }}'
mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_size: '{{ (ansible_memtotal_mb * 0.3) | int }}M'
mysql_log_bin: Null
mysql_server_id: Null
mysql_cron_optimize: True
mysql_cron_optimize_frequency: weekly
mysql_cron_mysqltuner: True
mysql_cron_mysqltuner_frequency: monthly
mysql_force_new_nrpe_password: False
mysql_restart_if_needed: True