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Create one or more LXC containers with Solr in the version of your choice.

note : this role depend on the lxc role.


Everything is in the tasks/main.yml file.

Available variables

Since this role depend on the lxc role, please refer to it for a full variable list related to the lxc containers setup.

  • lxc_containers: list of LXC containers to create. Default: [] (empty).
    • name: name of the LXC container to create.
    • release: Debian version to install
    • solr_version: Solr version to install (refer to for a full version list)
    • solr_port: port for Solr to listen on Eg.:
      - name: solr8
        release: stretch
        solr_version: 6.6.6
        solr_port: 8983