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  Jérémy Lecour b05feb3945
Merge pull request #98 from Evolix/issue-94 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 2386ec274d Add missing translations 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour bfa934220e Put the GitHub link at the end of the list 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 7251a0c152 The link to GitHub doesn't need to have translations 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 85f1749405
Merge pull request #92 from Evolix/checks-fixes 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 7d5c7de7fe
Fixed the check form in error with specitic cironstances 2 years ago
  Colin Darie ccde868457
Reset consecutive failures after changing domain or mode 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 95b437bf3d
Don't try to validate check when we increment consecutive failures 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 3aa1cc376e
Merge pull request #91 from Evolix/notifications-templates 2 years ago
  Colin Darie f6e8e82067
Merge pull request #88 from Evolix/output-errors-summary 2 years ago
  Colin Darie c2cd9f5786
Removed obsolete CheckNotifications controller 2 years ago
  Colin Darie cb57fee73c
Notification: optional label, enforce interval requirement 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 294bb83cc2
Sync annotations 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 80e3ef20a8
Notification creation from the check form 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 205a32515c
Layout: added missing viewport meta 2 years ago
  Colin Darie bd7784bf8d
Redirect home for signed up users to their checks 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 54d3dbad12
Updated factory & policies for new notification template 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 9c35dbc7a6
Notifications template CRUD 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 0052b54967
Update models & tests with new notification template 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 565e06cc19
[MIG] Adds a CheckNotification model, Notification becomes a template 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 0f3571b3bb
Merge pull request #90 from Evolix/unsupported-whois 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 1ee02ae674
Merge branch 'master' into unsupported-whois 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour fab5732b32 fix rubocop offenses 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 1235845e54 Add a logger to CheckProcessor to log errors for each batch of checks 2 years ago
  Colin Darie affe452567
Merge pull request #87 from Evolix/minor-fixes 2 years ago
  Juliette Cougnoux a3d42d11d2 delete trailing spaces 2 years ago
  Juliette Cougnoux 01974592d2 Add a background-color to highlight missing translations 2 years ago
  Juliette Cougnoux eb2b276160 Fixed a name error for a ssl test. 2 years ago
  Juliette Cougnoux f468c5e5fd Adding ssl tests in Guardfile. 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 321f92b045
Merge pull request #86 from Evolix/round-robin 2 years ago
  Juliette Cougnoux b5d3c957c1 Adding round robin checkbox in ssl checks form and in checks table. 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 5d1fa13fba
Do not automatically mark as inactive checks for domain not found 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 7a7ef4407b
CheckProcessor: restrict scope to "auto" checks 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 6ccddc6afc
Upgrade Task for setting manual mode for domain non supported 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 3cbf0e2656
Enforce input of type date, enhancing UX for browser compatible. 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 279f384e56
Test: remove obsolete (and stupid) assertion 2 years ago
  Colin Darie c540b0d612
More explicit placeholder color 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 09be8a38c2
Manual expiray date support for unsupported domain 2 years ago
  Colin Darie ef1229d900
Check: set mode manual/auto before saving 2 years ago
  Colin Darie abaa800c97
Check#supported? for a domain (whois) 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 18cccf9790
[MIG] Added checks#mode as an enum (auto, manual) 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 57b24e5e29
Merge pull request #84 from Evolix/check-http-sni 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 20fd07efcb
Merge branch 'capistrano-ignore-rbenv' 2 years ago
  Colin Darie d6e15cfaf3
Capistrano: remove previous .ruby-version reference 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 093c5f8e44
check_http: added --sni to defaults options 2 years ago
  Colin Darie 70530727ca
SystemCommand: Added an explicit 255 status code when system didn't got the exit status (because of segfault, …) 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 5326dcc7aa Add a logger to check processors 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 815471da76 CheckProcessor configuration is always passed 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour cedcc08f34
Merge pull request #79 from Evolix/accept-language 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 58d8bdd98b Use Rack::Locale to detect locale from HTTP headers 2 years ago