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  Gregory Colpart 755543eb41 Improvments for handling PID file (for Bind in Stretch we need to have a real directory /run) 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 001b1887c1 Review et improvments for Stretch! 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 12603661f9 -f is needed for systemd 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 4bc3a5023f Patch for Jessie! 5 years ago
  Romain Dessort 70236c860d Make script Wheezy compatible. 8 years ago
  Gregory Colpart d4d59e7ff7 Improve script to deal with pid file 10 years ago
  Gregory Colpart c0bbd2a0ff Remove old files/dirs because old bug with pid file in bind9 Debian package 10 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 25fb02d2b5 Now in Git! 10 years ago