215 Commits (master)

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  Gregory Colpart 308619b694 Fix bug when updating aliases : 1 week ago
  Victor Laborie 114a5eea8e Update .drone.yml for use evolix repository 4 months ago
  Victor Laborie 3495fbb96f Quota path is now configurable 5 months ago
  Victor Laborie f5d9c4738e Add a DroneCI config file for automatic build 5 months ago
  Victor Laborie bbd55a2e67 Fix Twig loading on PHP 5.6 5 months ago
  Victor Laborie b4b23dfb09 Do not use base.html for login page 6 months ago
  Victor Laborie 09a9f2c33d Fix shell error on vagrant provision 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie f1bee0b9e3 Mailaccept need mail address (add domain) 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie fdfd41c754 Change default uid number 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie 6705fba644 Add missing support of alias/redirection edit in account update 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie 57d697b6c4 Merge branch 'readme-fix' of evolix/evoadmin-mail into master 8 months ago
  Patrick Marchand 4a303d1a0b English fixes for README.md 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie 94d7107406 Remove outdated config for related services 9 months ago
  Victor Laborie 686ea8ae97 get-size-no-quota.sh is configurable by ENV var 9 months ago
  Victor Laborie 5844e0ef54 Config file location can be configured by ENV var 9 months ago
  Victor Laborie 0aeb74d63d Rewrite install documentation 10 months ago
  Victor Laborie 418b854edb Fix size of quota column 10 months ago
  Victor Laborie c26d77acfd Fix output when multiples superadmin 10 months ago
  Victor Laborie a9cdb71630 Add support for quota information 10 months ago
  Victor Laborie 73a434dfd2 Add script for get size without quota 10 months ago
  Victor Laborie 5bd6707427 Fix testing url 10 months ago
  Victor Laborie f79e879e15 Add domain to Vagrant vm.hostname 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie 2d3b24a735 Update jquery and datatables 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie bc29c91ca9 Merge DefaultController into index.php 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie 24fabced51 Use a Config class for parse config file 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie d860c69d27 Init Form/Page Controller in DefaultController 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie cce4394581 Use evolix/packmail for Vagrant box 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie de7a11263d Fix account list 11 months ago
  Victor Laborie 1f32dd2bfe Method needSuperAdmin is now a PageController method 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 16cf9252cc Fix required input in account form 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 3be29c2384 Fix accounts list 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 83571d8ee0 Add some placeholder and required 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 9ed2307a72 Fix checkbox size 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 68029c93b5 Fix account and alias deletion and ask for validation 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 39a3f7faec Start SESSION in DefaultController 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie b4cb5772ac Rename class 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 75595ed201 Merge all pages in index.php with Controller class 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 833fe2bcda Use Twig for page templating 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 0b894d33b8 Move css and img to assets dir 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 263f72a48a Revert "Move css and img to assets dir and set an expires policy" 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie b1eab41d5a Add a script for import alias from csv 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 84aafc1b7b Add a script for import account from csv 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie fc7cc6c185 Use vlaborie/packmail box for test with Vagrant 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie c6853b03da Evoadmin-mail is now under AGPLv3 license 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 5f2a2d4878 Add missing webmail activation/deactivation config 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 862719006a Use syslog for logging 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie d65e584439 Add a script for migrate from old config 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 20e32c4149 Add a MailNotify class with usage of Twig 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 2a29d73ae9 Reformulate License section 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie e3e1393273 Update README with testing docs 1 year ago