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Evoadmin Mail

Evoadmin-mail is a web interface to an LDAP directory designed for mail accounts.


Evoadmin-mail requirements are an LDAP server, a web server and PHP. See INSTALL for instructions.

Multiples services can be configured to use the LDAP directory managed by Evoadmin-mail:

  • TODO


You can deploy a test environment with Vagrant:

vagrant up

Evoadmin-mail uses the domain on localhost, so update your /etc/hosts:

Congratulation, Evoadmin mail is now accessible through


The default admin user is "evoadmin", the password is randomly generated and can be recovered from LDAP:

vagrant ssh
sudo -i
ldapvi --ldapsearch "(uid=evoadmin)" | grep userPassword | awk '{ print $2 }'


Launch rsync-auto in a terminal to automatically synchronise your local code with the Vagrant VM:

vagrant rsync-auto


This is an Evolix project and is licensed under the AGPLv3, see the LICENSE file for details.

The Evolix trademark and logo are not freely reusable and are protected by copyright.