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Ludovic Poujol d746aa445e Change in the login mechanism
Now use passwords hashed & salted. Validate with PHP's password_verify() function

Password hashes can be generated with :
* mkpasswd --method=sha-512
* PHP's password_hash()
9 months ago
Ludovic Poujol 143af65357 Hotfix for web interface to behave correctly 9 months ago
Gregory Colpart 1a2c47986c Put auth hashs in conf file 6 years ago
Romain Dessort 5a5063e4cb Add comment for php_versions 6 years ago
Romain Dessort d27490a49f Add dbadmin option in configuration 6 years ago
Romain Dessort 483482ab59 Add new features:
- Unix quota management
  - Apache ServerAlias management
  - support for multiple versions of PHP
  - MySQL databases management (new page dbadmin)
6 years ago
Gregory Colpart c5b6db810f introduce bindadmin var to know if we need deal with DNS stuff 6 years ago
Gregory Colpart d16fe6fd70 set ftpadmin to FALSE by default. and fix typo. 6 years ago
Romain Dessort e6edffd820 Merge untracked code into evoadmin-web. 8 years ago
Benoît S. 48eb1c16b1 Evoadmin-web is now a "public project". 8 years ago