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  Nicolas Roman 4a14333d41 first draft library letsencrypt 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 84a821d58c Merge branch 'vhost-delete' of evolix/evoadmin-web into master 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 634a18d1cb rebase master 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 44b4ac2f5e add .idea folder to gitignore 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman a907137e27 block non-standard vhost modification 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman ad452aad6a delete list-servername function 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman b1bab0b40c normalize add-alias with del-alias 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 5a738c4e2e revert multiple virtualhosts mgmt for ITK 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 1ee7221b19 normalize text 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 1ffa0ef4e7 normalize title names 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman bb17afd5fc added delete link 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 6f7fe19046 added delete webpage 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman ad3c31fb96 added force-confirm option for del script 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 7a0d307f23 first draft 1 year ago
  emorino a3c67afb2a typo 1 year ago
  emorino c0fb7a5d74 Ajout configuration /etc/hosts pour install paquet ssmtp 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol a200ccfdeb Ensure a password can't contain a "/" 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol d63150c4ce Add missing escapeshellarg() in account creation 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 7b5868db38 README.md : Ajout exemple /usr/local/bin/exec73 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman cd6abd008d Merge branch 'route-naming' of evolix/evoadmin-web into master 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol d00ecea964 web-add.sh - Ensure the FPM pools uses the www-XXX user 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman c9ed53d7dd php url changed 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 6d0a456de9 alias url changed 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 6ef1c9fcf7 refactoring webadmin-itk 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 99ac46f671 itk url changed 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman fde162d679 servername url changed 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol e0f8d6ade1 Command fixes in README.md 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 2aa7a7a565 Only display the PHP version change link on multi-php install 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 1331bb96b4 Fix is_multiphp() always returning false 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 93608a4147 Merge branch 'features/servername' of evolix/evoadmin-web into master 1 year ago
  Jérémy Lecour 7faf647185 replace chained conditionals by regular if/else + configtest before reload 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 128db07700 The php version field should be mandatory 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 256baadb85 Add PHP version update interface when running in multiphp mode 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 369415b5f5 Ensure SelectFormField behave properly in some edge cases 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman d3e5cc7b4c fix case when using multiple time disable-user-itk and enable-user-itk 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol 29b92647a7 Refactor the domain and alias checks done at account creation 1 year ago
  Ludovic Poujol b3ec773c64 Ensure that check_occurence_name say false if an empty string is given 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman e15e03c36b enhance enable/disable for itk 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman fc3fe6bd15 cleaning code + add links to navigate to new pages 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 89858a6bbd first draft itk mgmt 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 6f0106d4d0 implement check_occurence_name on account creation 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 0bfe7a2aac update check_occurence_name function to work with multiple aliases 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 2f25655038 using better var names for check occurence return code 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman cf4d066f0e call function check_occurence for alias and servername 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 24c4e4236d move the check-occurence logic to a function 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman bbada41dd5 Added check-occurence for alias creation 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 4153145c5d Added check-occurence for servername update 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman fed8a1fc84 Added function to search occurence of given name in vhosts 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman ce66f0b9b8 enabled field verification for ServerName 1 year ago
  Nicolas Roman 28149ed229 change ServerName for a specific vhost 1 year ago