228 Commits (master)

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  Patrick Marchand 5fe9762c53 Inverse userdel(1) calls in scripts/web-add.sh 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 547235ea7e Audited scripts/stats.sh 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand cade94a7bc Merge of README.md and forge wiki 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand b693075f39 Adds command to fix vhost linking problems in web-add.sh 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand d64cfa4e8b Fix problems with web-add.sh add-alias 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand a06f31e80a Merge branch 'shellcheck-ftpadmin' of evolix/evoadmin-web into master 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 393851d4c6 Removed unecessary argument in ftpadmin.php delete 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand d3be332ba4 Shellcheck on delete_account in ftpadmin 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 58642ec0ac Made ftpadmin more usable from the commandline 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 2ab5a60906 Shellcheck pass on edit_password in ftpadmin 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 66c2c8ab35 Shellcheck pass on add_account in ftpadmin 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand e97ddd8be0 Simplification of list_account_by_UID in ftpadmin 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand e3a50177c8 Cleanup get_user_login_by_UID() in ftpadmin.sh 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 1e82272487 Clean log_msg() in ftpadmin.sh 2 years ago
  Benoît S. 872f1532d5 Merge branch 'shellcheck-web-add' of evolix/evoadmin-web into master 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 08ef18bc2d Use ${var:+...} instead of [-n ] and "$@" instead of "$*" 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 540b7f7278 Use ${var:+...} instead of [-n ] and "$@" instead of "$*" 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand e596e3d520 Use $(..) instead of legacy `..` 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 97bad77040 Add -r to read 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 05c9525d7e $/${} is unnecessary on arithmetic variables 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand f4fae90eb1 Useless cat 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 5d2d8be5ad Prefer explicit escaping 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 2861d90119 Fixes optional group creation 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 4aa0332639 Use "$@" (with quotes) to prevent whitespace problems 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 866f20ef47 Adds double quoting to prevent shell globing 2 years ago
  Patrick Marchand 3e422bc2bf Adds shellcheck source comments 2 years ago
  Benoît S. 2125523cd8 Update suite utilisation en prod 2 years ago
  Benoît S. 45ce021a5c For Stretch the awstats Include has changed 2 years ago
  Victor LABORIE 353d41a8a6 web_add with php_versions need global var "conf" 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 25d9f7e7d4 web-add: use group "evolinux-ssh 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 637e72743a web-add.sh: whitespaces 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 99ee37b408 web-add.sh: use AllowGroups or AllowUsers as needed 2 years ago
  Victor LABORIE 9ff6846c36 Fix indentation for .my.cnf 3 years ago
  Ludovic Poujol 580ff1307e Add robots.txt 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 00e15b32d7 add default_charset exemple in vhost template 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart aaf2316fa5 bye bye php.log 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 75c341fed9 bye bye pam_auth() 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort 882c464405 Fix od_del() when containers are not used 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 7e804984d1 add gitgnore for local conf 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 1a2c47986c Put auth hashs in conf file 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart ea4d220a59 Fix old script name after recent features merge 3 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 53f280096a Fix in sed replacements 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort 5a5063e4cb Add comment for php_versions 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort 5eb619a579 Fix FPM socket path + quota 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort 4a28ee1f53 Fix op_del() function for containers 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort a5ceadd1d0 Fix FPM socket path 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort c166975d46 Use same UID/GID in containers 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort 0968dbc797 phpversion and quota options should be optional 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort 6b63c02f77 Fix bug related to Apache/Nginx merge 3 years ago
  Romain Dessort d27490a49f Add dbadmin option in configuration 3 years ago