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Tests can be run with Vagrant and the provided `VagrantFile`.
## How to contribute
Read the file.
Try to respect the following conventions.
### Use the verbose mode to explain errors
The `failed` function takes a mandatory first argument for the check name and a secondary optional argument for the message to display in verbose mode. Example :
test -f /path/to/file || failed "IS_FILE_EXISTS" "Missing file \`/path/to/file'"
If the test is in a loop and might yield multiple errors, It's better to print a single error in normal mode and every error in verbose mode.
for user in $users; do
if ! groups "$user" | grep -q adm; then
failed "IS_USERINADMGROUP" "User $user doesn't belong to \`adm' group"
test "${VERBOSE}" = 1 || break
In a single check with multiple conditions, the verbose message helps determine which condition failed. Example :
if [ "$last_upgrade" -eq 0 ]; then
[ "$install_date" -lt "$limit" ] && failed "IS_NOTUPGRADED" "The system has never been updated"
[ "$last_upgrade" -lt "$limit" ] && failed "IS_NOTUPGRADED" "The system hasn't been updated for too long"
### Use existing predicates
There are a few predicate functions that help making conditionals.
For Debian versions : `is_debian`, `is_debian_stretch`, `is_debian_jessie`
For packs : `is_pack_web`, `is_pack_samba`.
For installed packages : `is_installed <package> [<package>]`.
### Extact variables
It's better not to inline function calls inside tests. Instead of this :
test "$(stat --format "%a" $MINIFW_FILE)" = "600" || failed "IS_MINIFWPERMS"
… prefer that :
actual=$(stat --format "%a" $MINIFW_FILE)
test "$expected" = "$actual" || failed "IS_MINIFWPERMS"
### Verify assumptions
It's better to verify that a file, a directory or a command is present before using it, even if it's true in more than 99% of situations.
## How to build the package for a new Debian release
On the master branch, add the last stable version with a release tag.