Scripts for managing KVM hypervisors used with DRBD and LVM.
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KVM tools

This repository contains scripts for managing KVM hypervisors using DRBD and LVM.

It contains the following scripts.

  • add-vm: create DRBD volumes and virtual machines.
  • vm-migrate: migrate a DRBD based virtual machine
  • kvmstats: gives informations about defined virtual machines.


Copy the scripts to /usr/local/sbin:

install -m 0755 add-vm /usr/local/sbin/add-vm
install -m 0755 kvmstats /usr/local/sbin/kvmstats

Edit the configuration in /etc/evolinux/add-vm.cnf:


Script add-vm assumes you have two LVM Volume Groups named “ssd” and “hdd”.

You can override this by adding a bash(1) array in /etc/evolinux/add-vm.cnf, eg:

disks=("VG1" "VG2")

Dry-run mode

You can use the dry-run mode by setting the doDryRun variable in /etc/evolinux/add-vm.cnf::


This is specific to add-vm.


This is an Evolix project and is licensed under the GPLv3, see the LICENSE file for details.