Scripts for managing KVM hypervisors used with DRBD and LVM.
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Debian Package

kvm-tools package can be build from the debian branch of this Git repository with git-buildpackage and sbuild.


Install Debian dependencies :

apt install git-buildpackage sbuild

Add your user to sbuild :

sbuild-adduser <username>

You must logout and re-login or use newgrp sbuild in your current shell

You need a schroot definition in /etc/schroot/schroot.conf, eg :

description=Debian sid (unstable)

Build the sbuild chroot :

sbuild-createchroot --include=eatmydata,ccache,gnupg unstable /srv/chroot/sid


Tag your changes respecting Semantic Versioning.

git tag X.Y.Z

Go to debian branch and merge your current work :

git checkout debian
git merge master

Update Debian changelog with dch and commit your change :

dch -v X.Y.Z-1
git commit -m "New upstream release (X.Y.Z)"

You can now build the Debian package :

gbp buildpackage