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@ -32,7 +32,6 @@ Edit /etc/default/minifirewall file:
To use minifirewall with Docker you need to change the variable `DOCKER='on'`
Then, authorisation for public/semi-public/private ports will also work for dockerized services
**WARNING** : When the port mapping on the host is different than in the container (ie: listen on :8090 on the host, but the service in the container listen on :8080)
you need to use the port used by the container (ie: 8080) in the public/semi-public/private port list

@ -17,6 +17,9 @@ IPV6='on'
# (ie: Listen on :8090 on host, but :8080 in container)
# then you need to give the port used inside the container
# WARNING : If the port mapping is different between host and container
# (ie: Listen on :8090 on host but :8080 in container)
# Then you need to makes the rules with the port used inside the container
# Trusted local network
# ...will be often IPv4/32 or IPv6/128 if you don't trust anything