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  Gregory Colpart 5a907b1ce0 new policy for default ports: we close almost all to be sure that nothing works if we don't configure it 1 month ago
  Jérémy Lecour ba193f22fa Change public SSH port from 2222 to 22222 1 month ago
  Ludovic Poujol 3bcaee5b58 Merge pull request 'Docker handling' (#5) from docker into master 2 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 7c384a777b
Better handling of Docker to match the usual minifirewall behaviour 3 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 0ec2cb2f4b
Make it compatible with docker 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 30041b8949
Fix IPV6 var not being defined on stop 8 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol 60ca9f67b2
Update project URL in comment 8 months ago
  Victor Laborie 42e18e57fd Add a Vagrantfile for testing 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 326547fba3 Fix typo in install doc 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie e80979e04d Minifirewall is now under GPLv3 license 1 year ago
  Victor Laborie 6846263daa Update README.md 1 year ago
  Tristan Pilat 979b7e2d03 Add missing variables in SMTPSECUREOK and SMTPOK loops 2 years ago
  Romain Dessort 9ebb5fe748 Add security-cdn.debian.org to HTTPSITES whitelist 2 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour 0450c12f5d Merge branch 'ocsp-letsencrypt' 3 years ago
  Jérémy Lecour afdfc00a67 Add letsencrypt in HTTPSITES 3 years ago
  Victor Laborie dba28b0679 Remove obsolete srv domain 4 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 164d727e8e Remove obsolete IP addr 4 years ago
  Benoît S. b6a47dea0d Added quote to $IPV6 variables. 5 years ago
  Tristan Pilat 02d6447a10 Fix bug with IPv6. 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 4864872586 Rename README -> README.md for Redmine / Github 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 2943a7d58c Improve output messages 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 52f177303c Fix bug in old config detection 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 4ea10ccc83 Improve configuration file 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 2f561a6172 Improve descriptions / comments (switch all in english, etc.) 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 9579cfe991 Fix #1565. Use now /etc/default/minifirewall for config file! 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 6bc560b66a Add default rule for IPv6 DNS responses 5 years ago
  Benoît S. 283ff1161f Added SpamAssassin update repo URLs. 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 2d2fded0ac use same syntax for all ip6tables rules 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart ebbee1ac84 Modify URL to track country ip blocks 5 years ago
  Benoît S. ec0b8ffef5 Added to HTTPSITES zidane and antismap00. 5 years ago
  Arnaud Tomeï 5525ff343f Adding new IP address for Evolix 5 years ago
  Gregory Colpart d452c16bc6 Duplicate rule 6 years ago
  Benoît S. f3674af0db Allow Input DNS on IPv6. 6 years ago
  Benoît S. 5275f8d7e2 Moves rules from firewall.rc to minifirewall core. 6 years ago
  Romain Dessort 57ae4df6e7 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.evolix.org/git/evolinux/minifirewall 6 years ago
  Romain Dessort 0eda844bba Add delegated CIDR for AFRINIC and LACNIC. 6 years ago
  Benoît S. 705c4683a2 Allow all output on lo interface for IPv6. 6 years ago
  Benoît S. ce1d628516 Adding rules for DHCPv6. 6 years ago
  Benoît S. 8ed3c722ce Adding hwraid.le-vert.net in HTTPSITES 7 years ago
  Benoît S. 6c162c516b Fixing typo in HTTPSITES. 7 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 6df7c86ccf Add http://backports.debian.org by default 7 years ago
  Gregory Colpart 7d3d928e02 Improve new UDP rules to DROP by default 8 years ago
  Benoît S. ec14ee9f3e Last committer removed the IPv4 UDP rules?! Re-adding. 8 years ago
  Gregory Colpart f84add886a Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.evolix.org/git/evolinux/minifirewall 8 years ago
  Gregory Colpart f714700623 Allow SMTP IPv6 8 years ago
  Romain Dessort 7795b715e6 Add rules to open traceroute UDP port. 8 years ago
  Benoît S. b57dddf917 By default allow outgoing packets on loopback. This is needed since the new 8 years ago
  Benoît S. 44bb5925eb Amelioration added for blocking output UDP. 8 years ago
  Benoît S. b5412ce98a Adding rules to block outgoing UDP trafic except for DNS and NTP. 8 years ago
  Gregory Colpart e7a7f26951 Patch to have compatibility with poor non-IPv6 server 9 years ago