Packer templates for building Vagrant boxes customized by Evolix.
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- hosts: all
gather_facts: yes
become: yes
evolinux_hostname: "packweb"
evolinux_domain: ""
evolinux_fqdn: "{{ evolinux_hostname }}.{{ evolinux_domain }}"
evomaintenance_alert_email: "evomaintenance-{{ evolinux_hostname }}"
evolinux_evomaintenance_include: False
evolinux_fstab_include: False
evolinux_hardware_include: False
evolinux_log2mail_include: False
evolinux_minifirewall_include: False
evolinux_listupgrade_include: False
evolinux_generateldif_include: False
evoadmin_host: "evoadmin.{{ evolinux_hostname }}"
evoadmin_contact_email: ""
- evolix/evolinux-base
- evolix/packweb-apache