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Redmine Wiki Notes Plugin

Plugin installation

  1. Copy the plugin directory into the vendor/plugins directory

  2. Update your gems

  3. Restart Redmine


The following macros are added:

  • note
  • tip
  • important
  • warning

Which can be used in three ways:

{{note(Note with *wiki formatting*)}}

Alternately, you can put blocks of *wiki-formatted* text here.

{{note(Or if you really want)
You can do both...

This is a tip

Be carefull with :
* razors
* knifes
* fire

This is important message. Heed my words.



The icons and the stylesheet were taken from the DokuWiki Note-Plugin (© Olivier Cortès and others, (GPLv2)).

For the contributors, please see the git commit log.


This plugin is released under the GPLv2.