Ensemble de scripts Ruby pour vérifier le comportement d'un frontal web (headers, redirections, certificat SSL/TLS, ...)
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require 'test_helper'
require 'mechanize'
class SecurityTest < Minitest::Test
include WebserverHelper
include SSLHelper
def domain
def test_certificate_level
level = "intermediate"
command = analyze_cmd(domain: domain, level: level)
output = `#{command}`
assert_match %r|has intermediate ssl/tls\nand complies with the '#{level}' level|, output, "Expected to comply with #{level} level :\n#{output.inspect}"
refute_match %r|consider enabling OCSP Stapling|, output, 'Expected to have OCSP stapling enabled'
def test_certificate
options = {
domain: "ssl.evolix.net",
issuer: %Q("Let's Encrypt Authority X3"),
cn: "ssl.evolix.net",
command = check_ssl_cert_cmd(options)
output = `#{command}`
assert_match(/\ASSL_CERT OK/, output, output)
def test_accepts_tls_v1
command = openssl_verify_cmd(domain, "-tls1")
output = `#{command}`
assert_match(/Verify return code: 0 \(ok\)/, output, "Expected to accept TLSv1")
def test_refuse_ssl_v3
command = openssl_verify_cmd(domain, "-ssl3")
output = `#{command}`
assert_match(/sslv3 alert handshake failure/, output, "Expected to refuse SSLv3")
def test_hsts_header
agent = Mechanize.new { |a|
a.follow_redirect = true
url = "https://#{domain}/"
page = agent.get(url)
context = "for #{url}"
assert_status_ok page, context
assert_has_hsts page, context
assert_hsts_max_age "315360000", page, context
refute_hsts_include_subdomains page, context