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whitelister 0.8
* relicense under BSD license. GPLv3 seems to be delirious wrt DRM, and I
mean whitelister to be as free as possible.
* rework DSN code fully, so that it won't allow DSN's to skip some tests.
* rework rhbl logging: on DSN, whitelister claimed client_name did not
exist, where it was in fact the sender that has no domain.
whitelister 0.7
* reorganize code so that privilege drop is done before exec.
(needed kludgy organization for the pidfile)
* put daemon independante code in server.ml
* close /dev/null after dup2 calls.
* DSN (mail from <> are mails we MUST accept).
whitelister 0.6
* reorganize logs a bit, copy postfix logs formats.
* SPF REJECT now build a message pointing to spf.pobox.com.
* Add setting `verb' in order to hide `Clean' log entries.
* Finer grained rhbl checkings :
rhbl_helo / rhbl_rcpt / rhbl_sender / rhbl_client.
* whitelister can answer to multiple requests:
dont close the socket ourselves, so that postfix can talk to us on the
same socket. postfix is now the one that will close the socket.
* Fix fd starvation introduced in 0.5.
whitelister 0.5.2 (the `never release too quickly' release)
* umask set to 0111 during socket bind, so that anybody can talk to it.
* shutdown the socket ... else it remains open, and makes postfix timeout.
whitelister 0.5
* rewrite the main server loop so that the privileges are drop just after
the bind/listen calls.
* better logging format : now use "$level ($hostname[$ip] $reason)", eg
`Dirty (foo.bar.org[] blacklisted by rbl.quux.com)'.
whitelister 0.4
* create module Spf (against libspf).
* enable an spf check.
* allow whitelister to reject mails on unvalid SPF.
whitelister 0.3
* now use a pidfile.
* now daemonize itself in the background.
whitelister 0.2.1 (bugfix release)
* bug in logging: in case of an rbl failure, the error was masked.
whitelister 0.2
* add support for privilege drop:
- create user and group configs (defaults to nobody:nogroup).
* Logging facilities.
whitelister 0.1
* initial release.
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