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Everything Ansible (except roles, that are available at https://gitea.evolix.org/evolix/ansible-roles)

Updated 1 month ago

Ansible roles by Evolix

Updated 9 hours ago

A command line tool to create Amazon issued certificates and add them to load-balancers.

Updated 6 months ago

A shell script to check status of OpenBGPd peers.

Updated 4 months ago

Simple PHP parser to detect mail bounces. Works only with Postfix bounces store in Maildir. Ask if you want new features.

Updated 4 months ago

A web application to help check for domain or SSL/TLS certificate expirations.

Updated 6 days ago

Script pour enfermer Bind dans un chroot

Updated 11 months ago

Evolix errors pages

Updated 1 year ago

EvoAcme is a Certbot wrapper to generate Let's Encrypt certificates in a "packweb" context.

Updated 6 months ago

Evoadmin-mail is a Web Interface for manage an LDAP directory designed for mail accounts.

Updated 2 months ago

Panel d'administration de serveur web.

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 4 months ago

Managing SSH chroots to backup a lot of machines

Updated 8 hours ago

EvoBSD is a set of Ansible playbooks and roles providing a customisation of the OpenBSD operating system used by Evolix.

Updated 6 days ago

Evocheck is a Bash script to check the conformity of an Evolix server.

Updated 2 weeks ago