2351 Commits (stable)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Patrick Marchand c142af69f0 Added some mysql variables and allowed forcing config update 1 year ago
  Patrick Marchand 18878d58e8 Replication should set a binlog format 1 year ago
  Patrick Marchand 8778d69102 Removed redundant nagios checks 1 year ago
  Patrick Marchand c39f63048c Removed useless dbadmin script from mysql replication tasks 1 year ago
  Patrick Marchand df99e9ac4f Make it possible for mysql role to copy evolix scripts 1 year ago
  Patrick Marchand 6a264a3179 Added option to prepare mysql servers for replication 1 year ago
  Benoît S. d0004ebacc nagios-nrpe: Added hpsa support to check_hpraid 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 5bf7ba5c84 nagios-nrpe: shellchecked check_hp 9 months ago
  Benoît S. d8a3bd0c01 nagios-nrpe: Adding licence GPLv2 to check_hpraid 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 8d9d068a33 nqgios-nrpe: Add check_hpraid 9 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol a9fe102f30 packweb-apache: Don't turn on mod-evasive emails by default 10 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 7413a242a8 Release 10.1.0 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 44ddc8047d evoacme: disable empty task for hooks 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 1e6d6cdd13 sort lines in CHANGELOG 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour f49bf5c72d evoacme: use Let's Encrypt deploy hooks instead of evoacme hooks 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour a60deb276b evoacme: upstream release 20.08 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 8ea1bac000 evoacme: update for new certbot role 7 months ago
  Benoît S. a8095b1c36 Updated CHANGELOG.md with recent merges 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 5c4daf3691 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/generateldif-patch' into unstable 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour d457b25c4b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/nagios-nrpe-amavis-update' into unstable 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 7eed6d0255 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/squid-sa-update-domains' into unstable 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 221e9edc10 Merge branch 'nagios-nrpe-check-hpraid' into unstable 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 57ac4e467c metricbeat: allow using a template 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour ce35f7292f filebeat: allow using a template 7 months ago
  Ludovic Poujol edbc596511 mongodb: Fix issue introduced by 8aa7f6cf33 7 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour eeeb20771a elasticsearch: keep native values 8 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour d3e69eeeb5 certbot: fix haproxy hook (ssl cert directory detection) 8 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 21b8104654 elasticsearch: configure cluster with seed hosts and initial masters 8 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 9270852349 elasticsearch: set tmpdir before datadir 8 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour cea5620568 elasticsearch is compatible with buster 8 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 8aa7f6cf33 mongodb: install custom munin plugins 8 months ago
  Benoît S. 1c050b481a evolinux-base: check_hpraid.cron.sh: Fixed wrong `<<<` usage 8 months ago
  Benoît S. 0150e77041 generate-ldif: Patched computerOS detection 8 months ago
  Benoît S. 0fd8128f94 generate-ldif: Skip some odd ethernet devices 8 months ago
  Benoît S. 0cd889e4fb generate-ldif: Add NVMe disk support 8 months ago
  Benoît S. 9a8f1979bc evolinux-base: check_hpraid.cron.sh: Fixed wrong else 9 months ago
  Benoît S. a28b9558cb evolinux-base: check_hpraid.cron.sh: Better logic and use mail 9 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 9bdd5ad9e7 haproxy: rotate logs with date extension and immediate compression 9 months ago
  Mathieu Trossevin 5e13f8da4e lxc-php: Make mysql socket binding work on fresh install 9 months ago
  Mathieu Trossevin 49b20f9b12 lxc-php: Have mysqld.sock inside of a directory 9 months ago
  Mathieu Trossevin 1d9ab0f1f3 Allows using localhost to connect to MySQL in lxc 9 months ago
  Benoît S. de908ae5bd nagios-nrpe: check_amavis: Update regex 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 1d7d2ce08d squid: Update regex for sa-update domains. 9 months ago
  Jérémy Lecour 977c28c720 varnish: fix start command when multiple addresses are present 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 766b4dfa82 evolinux-base: check_hpraid cron: Add -p 9 months ago
  Benoît S. a74f4e1890 evolinux-base/tasks/hardware.yml: Removed trailing whitespace 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 4bec21a9f3 evolinux-base: harware: Support HP gen >=10 RAID controller 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 241f50d27e nagios-nrpe: check_hpraid: Update known working RAID controllers 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 74229809ff nagios-nrpe: Add check_hpraid in template 9 months ago
  Benoît S. 09e17ffe6c nagios-nrpe: check_hpraid: Use printf for return lines 9 months ago