#120 Release 10.3.0

jlecour merged 51 commits from unstable into stable 3 months ago
jlecour commented 3 months ago
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jlecour added 51 commits 3 months ago
1d9ab0f1f3 Allows using localhost to connect to MySQL in lxc
49b20f9b12 lxc-php: Have mysqld.sock inside of a directory
5e13f8da4e lxc-php: Make mysql socket binding work on fresh install
packweb-multiphp: Change default configuration for compatibility
mysql-oracle: Update clients' conf to match server's
6c202dcf4f Check that ansible_distribution_major_version is defined in sudo task
1d8b7c3bea apt: disable APT Periodic
18ac1e7279 redis: check maxmemory in NRPE check
jlecour merged commit 03b91177b1 into stable 3 months ago
The pull request has been merged as 03b91177b1.
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