• Stable 9.9.0 2c11f02554

    Version 9.9.0

    jlecour released this 3 years ago | 790 commits to stable since this release


    • evocheck : add "x-frame-options: sameorigin" for Munin
    • etc-git: ignore evobackup/.keep-* files
    • lxc: /home is mounted in the container by default


    • changed remote repository to https://gitea.evolix.org/evolix/ansible-roles
    • apt: Ensure jessie-backport from archives.debian.org is accepted
    • apt: Remove jessie-update suite as it's no longer exists
    • apt: Replace mirror.evolix.org by archives.debian.org for jessie-backport
    • evocheck : update script from upstream
    • evolinux-base: remove apt-listchanges on Stretch and later
    • evomaintenance: embed version 0.5.0
    • opendkim: aligning roles with our conventions, major changes in opendkim-add.sh
    • redis: higher limit of open files
    • redis: set variables on inclusion, not with set_facts
    • tomcat: better tomcat version management
    • webapps/evoadmin-web: add dbadmin.sh to sudoers file


    • spamassasin: fix sa-update.sh and ensure service is started and enabled
    • tomcat-instance: deploy correct version of config files
    • tomcat-instance: deploy correct version of server.xml