Bunch of scripts to manage GitLab ugprades.
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Benoit Serie (Evolix) a1bcaaea8e gitlab_upgrade_minor11.8.10_to_11.10.8.sh 4 years ago
gitlab_install8.sh Rename install script that was for v8. 6 years ago
gitlab_install9.sh gitlab_install9.sh 6 years ago
gitlab_sidekiq_restart.sh Init 6 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_major8to9.sh Init 6 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_major10.8.7_to_11.0.6.sh major10.8.7_to_11.0.6 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor8.sh Init 6 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor9.1.0_to_9.3.11.sh Updated gitlab_upgrade_minor9.1.0_to_9.3.11.sh 6 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor9.3.11_to_9.4.7.sh Replace killall with pkill and fix typo 6 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor9.4.7_to_9.5.10.sh Upgrade from 9.4.7 to 9.5.10 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor9.5.10_to_10.1.6.sh Add gitlab_upgrade_minor9.5.10_to_10.1.6.sh 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor9.sh Oops missing bundle. 6 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.1.6_to_10.2.8.sh New upgrade scripts 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.2.8_to_10.3.8.sh New upgrade scripts 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.3.8_to_10.3.9.sh minor10.3.8_to_10.3.9 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.3.9_to_10.4.7.sh 10.3.9_to_10.4.7 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.4.7_to_10.6.6.sh new upgrade script 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.6.6_to_10.7.6.sh add gitlab_upgrade_minor10.6.6_to_10.7.6.sh 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor10.7.6_to_10.8.7.sh 10.7.6_to_10.8.7 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.0.6_to_11.1.8.sh add 11.1.8 5 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.1.8_to_11.2.8.sh Commit all old migration scripts 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.2.8_to_11.3.12.sh Commit all old migration scripts 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.3.12_to_11.4.13.sh Commit all old migration scripts 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.4.13_to_11.5.10.sh Commit all old migration scripts 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.5.10_to_11.6.10.sh Commit all old migration scripts 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.6.10_to_11.7.12.sh v11.7.12 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.7.12_to_11.8.10.sh minor11.7.12_to_11.8.10 4 years ago
gitlab_upgrade_minor11.8.10_to_11.10.8.sh gitlab_upgrade_minor11.8.10_to_11.10.8.sh 4 years ago
readme.txt Initializing evogitlab repository 6 years ago