Web interface and management scripts for web hosting
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Web interface and management scripts for web hosting

Project leader : ?

Versions & Branches

The master branch is ready for production. It's compatible with the current Debian version (and few previous ones)

Code for older Debian releases (Wheezy, Jessie) is archived on separate branches.

The unstable branch contains not sufficiently tested changes that we don't consider ready for production yet.


  • Debian Stretch, Buster, Bullseye → use branch master (current stable version)
  • Debian Jessie → use branch jessie (old, archive branch)
  • Debian Wheezy → use branch wheezy (old, archive branch)


Installation should be done with Ansible. The role packweb-apache will handle all dependencies (Apache, PHP, MariaDB...) installation and configuration. It will also use the role webapps/evoadmin-web to setup the web-interface and management sw




Contributions are welcome, especially bug fixes. They will be merged in if they are consistent with our conventions and use cases. They might be rejected if they introduce complexity, cover features we don't need or don't fit "style".

Before starting anything of importance, we suggest opening an issue to discuss what you'd like to add or change.

All modifications should be documented in the CHANGELOG file, to help review releases. We encourage atomic commits and with the CHANGELOG in the same commit.


The ideal and most typical workflow is to create a branch, based on the unstable branch. The branch should have a descriptive name (a ticket/issue number is great). The branch can be treated as a pull-request or merge-request. It should be propery tested and reviewed before merging into unstable.

Changes that don't introduce significant changes — or that must go faster that the typical workflow — can be commited directly into unstable.

Hotfixes, can be prepared on a new branch, based on master or unstable (to be decided by the author). When ready, it can be merged back to master for immediate deployment and to unstable for proper backporting.

Other workflow are not forbidden, but should be discussed in advance.